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At Forgiven H.E.L.P. Inc., we take care to provide our clients services personalized for their individual needs. We are available by appointment.


Workforce Development

We provide two areas of support for those in need of Workplace Development:

Resume & Job Application Assistance

This area of assistance focuses on the need of individuals at a place of decision or transition in their lives. This assistance is available to those that are searching for employment or looking to change careers. We understand a resume or application alone provides employers with a brief look at the applicant. This assistance is in place to help job seekers put their best foot forward, by assisting with preparing professional resumes and well-completed applications.  We believe this will provide applicants a better opportunity to be chosen for an interview.

Job Readiness Seminars

Some may never ask this question but may think of it often. How do I get started looking for a job? Research is the answer, but hard to do without computer experience.Although we live in an age where technology has taken over, there are many people that have yet embraced technology. These individuals are at a disadvantage when it comes to job searching. Applications are now completed via the internet. Our seminars are designed to prepare individuals for what to expect while they search for employment. Not only will they make them aware, these seminars will also teach them how to search for jobs and apply for them. In addition, letting job seekers know what employers are looking for, they will also prepare them to be someone desired by an employer. Other focuses for seminars are appearance and confidence.

If you have any questions concerning our Workforce Development services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff is dedicated to empowering your future.

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